Choose from 3 Delicious fruit flavours

From zingy lemon & lime to crisp orchard apples or juicy blackcurrant, Icycl frozen vodka icepops are available in a selection of 3 tempting and refreshing flavours.


Single Serving Pouches

Enjoyed straight from a handy pouch, Icycls are not only quick to buy and share among your friends, but also reduce the risk of spills and spiking.


Made from natural fruit juices

All Icycl recipes are created using real fruit concentrate and contain no artificial colours or flavours.


Freeze and refreeze

Keep your Icycls frozen or ambient. Icycls can be frozen, defrosted and refrozen without compromising on flavour or texture.


Take your party

Whether you’re dancing at a nightclub, crowd surfing at a festival, or chilling at a beach bar – Icycl’s frozen vodka icepops are perfect with a few friends and some awesome beats.


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