Want to capitalise on the UK’s fastest growing alcohol category? Then check out the pros and cons of stocking Parrot Bay cocktail pouches versus Icycl vodka ice-pops.

If you’ve had your eye on the alcoholic product market in recent months, you’ll have witnessed the soaring popularity of alcoholic freezer pouches in the UK. There’s no denying these portable boozy beverages have bagged a thirsty audience. Offering a fist-full of flavours between them, they are fuss-free, vibrantly branded and affordable. Unopened, Parrot Bay frozen cocktails and Icycl vodka icepops boast a shelf-life of a year, which works to their retail advantage, as these alcoholic freezer pouches appear to defy the seasonal calendar.

Claiming to bring an ‘exciting taste of the tropics straight to your home’, Parrot Bay’s five ready-to-drink frozen cocktails include work on the concept of providing a hassle-free cocktail but at such a low price, there must be a taste trade-off? After all, who can afford to make an authentic cocktail with quality ingredients for a few pounds?

With an ABV of 4.7% Parrot Bay frozen cocktails would certainly indicate that the level of spirits used to make the cocktail syrup within the pouch are not significant, leading you to question if actual spirits are used at all? Packing more of a punch, Icycl has an ABV of 6.4% and contains absolutely no artificial additives. Made with pure, natural fruit juices and vodka, Icycl’s refreshing simple list of ingredients makes for a finer taste experience. Despite it’s higher alcohol content, Icycl will freeze in a mere two hours and is ready to consume straight from the pouch – a fraction of the eight hours it’ll take you to wait to enjoy Parrot Bay at home, and then you’ll need to find yourself a glass for the privilege   before you can enjoy it.

With three refreshing flavours currently available including Zingy Lemon & Lime, Crisp Apple and Juicy Blackcurrant, and soon to launch three new flavours for 2016, Icycl is fast emerging as a premium alcohol product enjoyed by young adults aged from 21 to 34 years of age.

Sold on the shelves and in the freezers of grocers and convenience stores, Parrot Bay and Icycl are both uber-convenient, but if you’re looking to make serious returns per cm2 then Icycl’s nifty size and sensible stick-like shape means their display carton stacks a significant 36 units in the same area as 9 units of Parrot Bay, effectively quadrupling your profit potential. Also available in a gift-friendly three pack, Icycl’s ‘party’ appeal enhances its status as a ‘convenient and fun’ gift for a party host.

So, if you’re still left trying to choose between the two, let’s see just how the retail benefits stack-up at a glance;

Icycl versus Parrot Bay