Our 18 Icycl house party hosts were certainly flavour of the month when they were chosen from a host of entries to give their friends a party to remember. Locations included halls and student houses across the land, and armed with an Icycl party pack crammed with over 100 Icycls, a branded freezer, wristbands and access to an exclusive unreleased DJ set by Lucius Brave, each host was on a mission to host the ‘Coolest Party of 2014’ and even win themselves a BOSE Sound Link Mini for the privilege.

Icycl VIP House Party

From Cardiff to Leeds, feedback was fantastic and there was not an Icycl left to be found in any freezer! Curiosity got the better of everyone, and every houseparty gave students the opportunity to try the Icycl experience for themselves. The overall opinion was that Icycl’s fruity flavours were delicious and they were a great dancefloor-friendly thirst quencher.

House party hosts were on hand to make sure a good time was had by all, and did a great job of decorating the venues with Icycl branded posters and pop-ups. Icycl’s bright and energetic branding brought that extra burst of colour to student diggs, and added to the fresh party vibe.

Icycl VIP House Party 2

Awesome antics took to social media, and from the photos a good time was given to the masses. The Icycl vibe went down a storm – proved by an order placed by one of the biggest university societies a few weeks after, to serve their Christmas social due to be attended by over 500 students.

So there you have it. Unique parties and individual moments brought together by Icycl. It’s not everyday your house is party to free refreshments and an exclusive DJ set – so be sure to grab this opportunity (and an Icycl!) with both hands if you happen to be invited to host one! Your friends will thank you for it!

Icycl VIP House party 3