What is the shelf life of an Icycl?

Icycl currently has a 12 month shelf life, but we anticipate that Icycls with a longer shelf life will be available soon.

How many Icycl flavours are available?

Icycl is currently available in three delicious natural flavours: Apple, Blackcurrant, and Lemon & Lime. Three additional and exciting flavours, Orange, Pineapple and Pear, are coming soon.

How do I store Icycl?

Icycl is an ambient product that can be stored at room temperature and simply frozen 24 hours before service, saving freezer space.

If an Icycl melts should it be thrown away?

No. Icycl can be safely defrosted and refrozen as many times as required during it’s shelf life.

What is the alcoholic content of an Icycl?

Each frozen Icycl contains 6.4% ABV of vodka per 94ml serving. Consuming an single Icycl equates to 0.6 UK units of alcohol.

How do you consume an Icycl?

Icycl’s frozen vodka icepops are typically frozen and consumed directly from its packaging by tearing the top off the sealed pack.

How old do I have to be to consume an Icycl?

Icycl is an alcoholic product. In the UK Icycls are only to be sold and consumed by people aged 18 and over. In other jurisdictions the restrictions relating to the sale and consumption of alcohol will vary. Icycl always advocates the responsible consumption of alcohol.