Inspired by the carcass of a frozen rodent found in a computer he’d constructed, Joel Zimmerman’s musical moniker, Deadmau5 is an EDM phenomenon. He is notorious for being one of the world’s most respected electronic producers of today; the infamous Deadmau5 has seen many graphical transformations whilst working with ex-web designer Zimmerman.

With his amazing ability to push the limits both inside and outside of the music industry, he has even stood his ground in a trademark dispute with Disney. Enjoying a huge international chart success with singles ‘Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff’ and ‘I remember’, he has released three artist albums.

With over 9 million Facebook fans, his love for sharing his tech-related toys and top industry tips to budding artists, and intriguing persona has won them over. Having morphed into a top ticket-selling act able to fill major venues, his live sound crafting and dazzling light shows means that any support acts are no longer necessary for a sell out gig!

Deadmau5 is a massive fan of getting the basics right before you begin to try it out in today’s creative industry, he was recently heard telling art students: “I hate Illustrator, but I like Flash. You gotta Frankenstein it all together.” That’s exactly what he did when his 458 Italia (aka ‘Purrari’) went under wraps with a ridiculous Nyan Cat – It kicked-off a public feud with Ferrari that eventually led him to back down.