Simple distribution.

Icycl’s unique recipe allows the product to be shipped as an ambient or frozen product. There’s no need to change your supply chain, simply add Icycl to your delivery.

Icycl is great for gifting.

For friends to enjoy at a dinner party, or as a memorable gift, Icycl can be sold online or over the counter adding fun to any celebration.

Going where bottles can’t go.

Consumed by the pool, on the beach, in a crowd, or on the dance floor – all places consumers enjoy alcohol, but glassware or bottles can be unsafe. Icycl’s disposable self-serve pouch is a safe and enjoyable solution.

Unlimited retail versatility.

Icycl can be sold just about anywhere. Grocery retailers, clubs, music venues, festival bars and beach bars can sell Icycl frozen and ready to consume. Online retailers and grocery retailers can sell Icycl ambient, ready for home freezing.

No spillage. No spiking.

Icycl’s self-serve pouch reduces the risk of spilling drinks on floors and clothes while also minimising the risk of drink spiking.

High volume and high margin.

Icycl can boost your sales. With a low supply cost and a flexible recommended retail price, Icycl provides distributors and retailers with attractive margins.

Store or thaw.

If frozen storage space is restricted, that’s not a problem. Icycls can be stored at room temperature or in a freezer. Icycl can be thawed and refrozen to meet sales demand or storage availability.

Add a little flavour…

Icycl frozen vodka icepops are currently available in three delicious and refreshing natural fruit flavours. When we say natural we mean it – all Icycl recipes are created using real fruit concentrate and contain no artificial colours or flavours.


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