During it’s development, Icycl has been rigorously tested with the support of an approved laboratory to ensure and validate it is a product with a twelve month ambient shelf life that is safe for consumption. Food science and microbial testing results are available on request.

Icycl’s frozen vodka icepops are manufactured under contract by an approved company. Accredited by the Soil Association, the manufacturers areĀ members of the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association (BCMPA) and areĀ URS quality certified. Icycl’s frozen vodka icepops are manufactured in accordance with industry best practice and subject to SALSA Standards. Icycl manufacture has been supervised by the Food Industry Centre, with each batch subject to microbial testing by Celtic Food Laboratories.

Icycl is a brand owned by Starjump Food Products Ltd, a UK registered company (company number: 8638289) and registered for VAT (registration number: 181002259) Icycl is a registered trademark. Icycl has been developed in association with the Food Industry Centre, Cardiff. Part of Cardiff Metropolitan University, the centre was established to assist the development of innovative new food products. Product development was part funded by the Welsh Assembly and the EU, and has been developed in accordance with current industry standards.